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Deobandi Fatwas on Dr. Zakir Naik .

By: Maulana Muhammad A. K. Azad [ Abu Arif Al Alawi ]

                        Dear Readers ! You have just  learnt the Salafi Views on Dr. Zakir Naik’s fitna . Now, I would love to present the views of Deobandi Scholars on him. As salafis have called his dawah as the dawah of Shaytan, Deobandi Ulemas  too confirm that Zakir Naik is “spreading mischievous things and misguiding simple Muslims to wrong path”. Let us go through the standpoints of  Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband and other Deobandi Scholars:

                         No. 01--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is misguiding simple Muslims to wrong path:  Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband was asked , “Kindly also thru light on the knowledge & working of Dr. Zakir Naik who is famous for his comparative religion lectures & debates, also runs a Tv channel by the name of PEACE TV.” [ Ref: (Fatwa: 288/B=274/B) English Fatwas Total Issued: 4894  اردو فتاوی Total Issued: 10311  Miscellaneous>>  Halal & Haram  Question: 110   India]

                Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband answers :  “We do not have details about Dr. Zakir Naik, only we know that he is an agent of Ghair Muqallideen, away from knowledge and wisdom, spreading mischievous things and misguiding simple Muslims to wrong path. Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best” [ Ref: (Fatwa: 288/B=274/B) English Fatwas Total Issued: 4894  اردو فتاوی Total Issued: 10311  Miscellaneous>>  Halal & Haram  Question: 110   India]  Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband]

                        No. 02--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is not reliable: Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband was asked , “My question is regarding the famous daee of Islam Dr.Zakir Naik whether the method & way of his preaching,debating, studing different religons' scriptures are valid in the light of Quran & Hadith or not, and should Muslims learn his Dawah techniques or not? what are the particular things in his work that are against Islam?” [ Ref: (Fatwa: 1541/1322=B/1429)English Fatwas Total Issued: 4894 اردو فتاو Total Issued: 10311 Faiths & Beliefs>>  Deviant Sects  Question: 7077  Afghanistan]

                       Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband answers :  “The statements made by Dr Zakir Naik indicate that he is a preacher of Ghair Muqallidin, he is of free mind and does not wear Islamic dress. One should not rely upon his speeches.
Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best”  [ Ref:  Answer: 7077  Aug 21,2008 (Fatwa: 1541/1322=B/1429 Darul Ifta,  Darul Uloom Deoband]

                        No. 03--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is spreading Fitna: Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband was asked , “Mera Naam Mohammad Ashraf hai, I am working as a software professional I want to know about Dr. Zakir Naik (Islamic Research Foundation ka Head). I know that he is fitna. But I want to show this fatwa to my friends and relatives. 1. Dr. Zakir Naik ka Bayan sunanaa chaahiye ki nahi. 2. Vo TV per aataa hai, TV ke baare me islaam kya kahataa hai. 3. Vo Tie aur suit pahanataa hai, sariyat ne is libaas ke baare me kya kahaa hai. 4. Vo khade hokar ulte haath se paani(water) peeta hai, is baare me sariyat kya kahti hai. 5. Vo Dusare Dharam(Religion) se Islam ka muzakaraa(Comparison) kartaa hai, yaani dusare Dharam ko neecha dihkaataa hai, kya sariyat is cheez ki izaazat deti hai. 6. Vo Aurato ( [Masturaat] [Ladees] ) ke beech me bhi bayaan kartaa hai, ye sariyat ki nazar me kaisi cheez hai. 7. Vo Islam aur Sunnat per research (tahkeek) kar rahaa hai, kyaa iski izaazat hai. 8. Usaki tasveer (photo) hamesha akhbaar(news paper), magzine me aati hai, Sariyat photo ke baare me kya kahti hai. Also I will tell you 1 truth, I know 1 person (Dr. Warsi) he has done PHD in Fiqua from Al-Azhar Egypt. He told me that once he attended Zakir Naik session, Dr. Warsi told me that his brother in law was IRF volunteer; he gave 1 cheat to Dr. Warsi and told him to ask the written question to Dr. Zakir Naik. Question was ?Gurugranth me Allah ka naam kha ayaa hai.? Dr. Warsi told I got scared that question was pre-prepared, then Dr. warsi asked the same question to Dr. Zakir naik and Dr. Warsi he himself answered (he read the line from Gurugranth publicly, as Allah also given him too much knowledge), after that he asked Dr. Zakir naik that I will ask you another Question that, Dr. Warsi Asked ?Gurugranth me Allah ka naam 2nd time khaa ayaa aur kyu ayaa.? After listing this question Dr. Zakir Naik get scared and told will meet later, Dr. Warsi again answered. Then He called Dr. Warsi to his office (in Mumbai) after meeting,Dr. Zakir Naik asked to whom you follow, Dr. warsi told I am mureed of Imam Ghazali. Dr. Zakir Naik told who is Imam Ghazali. Dr. warsi told him he is your father and left his office. 9. I want to ask you he don?t follow Imam Ghazali, which maslak he is from. Please meraa jawaab(Answer) kitaab(book) ke hawaale ke saath dena. Meraa matalab hai ki jawaab ke baaju me hawaale kaa naam bhi likh denaa, mujhe public ko dikhana hai. Note: Agar iske alaawa bhi usake baare me kuch aur baat ho to aap log vo bhi likh denaa. [ Ref:  English Fatwas Total Issued: 4894  اردو فتاوی Total Issued: 10311  Faiths & Beliefs>>  Deviant Sects  Question: 9421   India]

                                    Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband answers :  (1) The extracts quoted by the questioners about him indicate that he is having deviation; therefore one is most probably feared to fall in fitnah by listening his speeches.

(2, 3, 4, 6, 8) These matters are against Shariah, even some of them are unlawful and haram. (5, 8) What do you mean by neecha dikhana? Please, clarify. Only the eligible ones are allowed to establish the truth of Islam and refute the false beliefs of others within Shariah limits.  (9) We are not aware of his maslak. Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best” [ Ref: Answer: 9421   Dec 30,2008 (Fatwa: 2355/2128=D/1429) Darul Ifta,  Darul Uloom Deoband]

                        No. 04--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik needs to be avoided in Fiqh issues: Deobandi Scholar Mufti Ibrahim Desai says that “Dr Zakir Naik is a Da'ii and we give him his due respect for that. He knows himself that he is not an Alim in Deen. Thus Ulema have given their decree that he, not being an Alim in deen, should focus his da'wah to what he is good at (i.e. comparative religion), and leave religious answering to the Fuqaha.” [Ref:  Mufti Ibareem Desai Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In'aamiyyah---]

                        No. 05--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik lacks of fiqh and understanding of Shairah: Deobandi Mufti Ibrahim Desai was asked : “Could you please comment about Dr. Zakir Naik. Is he preaching according to Suunah? He has views which do not agree with schools of thoughts. Should we learn from his scholarship?” Deobandi Mufti Ibrahim Desai answers:   “Zakir Naik is known for discussions on comparative religions. He is not a qualified Aalim of deen. His comments on fiqh have not merit. If it is true that he condemned the fiqh of the Imams, then that in itself is a clear indication of his lack of fiqh and understanding of Shairah. We have come across a fatwa from Darul Ifta Jamia Binnoria, regarding Zakir Naik not being a certified Aalim of Deen. Zakir Naik should consult with Ulama in his endeavor of propagating deen.” [Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In'aamiyyah ---]


                No. 06--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is not a qualified Islamic scholar: Verdict of Darul-uloom Karachi (Mufti Taqi Usmani's Institution) on Dr Zakir Naiik “…According to information provided by people Dr Zakir Naik is an expert on comparative religion and he is known as a good orator, however he is not a qualified Islamic scholar or a Mufti. Furthermore he not only doesn’t do Taqleed (himself) of any of the four Imams of Fiqh but criticises the ones who do Taqleed (of these four Imams).Therefore the opinions of Dr Zakir Naik in Shariah matters and injunctions will not be deemed acceptable unless they are endorsed by a trusted scholar or a Mufti and general public are advised not to heed his opinions in Shariah matters… Allah (SWT) knows best.”

Humble servant,

Khalid Jameel

Darul-Iftaa, Darul-uloom Karachi

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 Humble servant,

Mahmood Ashraf

Assistant Mufti

Darul-Iftaa, Darul-uloom Karachi

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Humble servant,


Assistant Mufti

Darul-Iftaa, Darul-uloom Karachi

This answer is correct!

Humble servant,

Mohammed Abdul-Manaan

Assistant Mufti

Darul-Iftaa, Darul-uloom Karachi

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             No. 07--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is not an Authentic scholar: Verdict of Jamia Binoria (Karachi, Pakistan) on Dr Zakir Naik  “…The above-mentioned Dr (Saheb) is not an Authentic scholar of Islam and from his external appearance doesn’t appear to be “strictly religious” therefore following him in matters of religion could be detrimental. However, if the intention of respected Dr (Saheb) is to propagate the Deen then it is advised that he should fulfil this noble obligation (of Islamic propagation) under the guidance and with consultation with Authentic and trusted scholars (of Islam) so that it may become a means of great benefit for all parties involved.

 Humble servant,  Saifullah Jameel, Darul-Iftaa, Jamia Binnoria Karachi

No. 08--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is not trustable: Verdict of Mufti Shah Mohammed Naval-ur Rahman Miftahi  (Shariah Institute, USA) on Dr Zakir Naik

             Question: Is Dr. Zakir Naik's material on 'Islam and comparative religion' reliable? I know that he is not an Alim but can we listen to his lectures on 'Islam and comparative religion' without paying attention to matters of Fiqh which, I agree, he is not qualified to discuss and elaborate? Is Harun Yahya's literature (not videos) reliable? Is one allowed to listen to his lectures on topics other than the ones he is not qualified for? For e.g. his books on Darwinism and nature deserve appreciation. [United States]

       Answer: The answer is within your question, itself. Those who are not authentically qualified and have learned through “Self-study” are not trustable, therefore we should be cautious and such people should be avoided.

      Question: I have a question about Zakir Naik. I heard your fatwa to one of the questions posted earlier that Zakir Naik is Going Astray (gumrah hain). I just want to know on what basis is he gumrah according to you? I myself totally believe in what you have said, I don't need any Daleel but I told this to one of my friend and he was asking me for the reason. [Canada]

      Answer: The injunction of him (Dr Zakir Naik) being on error was passed because on some occasions he was asked about “Sunnah” and “Dress code” etc. and in his response he denied these matters and stated that they have no importance in Islam. Furthermore, he is not an authentic scholar of Islam and for obvious reasons to enquire from someone who is not a qualified, trusted and authentic scholar of Islam can’t be deemed appropriate because a laymen would be unable to judge between the right and wrong being uttered from an unqualified person. The times which we live in has given rise to groups and individuals who are free-thinking and he (Dr Zakir Naik) agrees with them and is one of them.These are the reasons why we felt the need to disagree with him and point out his error.

No. 09--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik is "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making" :  Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  writes, “ Constructive steps are always  welcomed and admired  unreservedly not only by the intellectuals but also by the  common men and women. But when  in the name of constructiveness,  destructive notions are presented, it  muddies the waters. Deviations from  the truth cannot remain hidden for a  long time. And when they are  discfosed, they become a curse for  those people who purveyed them as  constructive.”   [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                    Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik : “Nowadays trickery is  widespread in day to day affairs, such  as in business, politics and in other spheres of life. It is also known that a  group of people, spellbound in that  deception, willingly consider it as a  stratagem to gain vested worldly  gains. But it is also a fact in the whole  of human history that a large number  of people were not deceived in the  name of religion for a long time.
Though there have been many fake reformers who trapped many  innocent people in their net but they  were always given a good retort by  the people who favour the truth.  Automatically their sand castles fell  down and they were buried in its
debris.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                        Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :     “The central point of this  piece of writing is to unmask a reality
which is ignored not only by ordinary people but also by a group of  respected religious scholars (ulama). We may name it 'Zakir Naik: A crisis  in the making'.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                       Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik : “Dr. Zakir Naik stands in the  category of those people who made  their own commentary of the many  verses of the glorious Qur'an. Is it  just a wrong commentary to satisfy  his audience? He has done it  repeatedly. For instances when he  was asked, if a man is given houris in  paradise, what would be given to a  woman. He replied women would be  given male houris. It is not merely a  mistake but rather it is a blunder. It is  proved by the context of the verse in  which this matter is mentioned that  houris would only be female.  Moreover in the entire collection of  hadith there is not even a single shred  of evidence in support of his comment”. What would you do with  those traditions of the Prophet  (saws) in which there are glad tidings  for women that , they would be in  paradise in the company of their husbands?  Every learned man can read  and understand the commentary of the glorious Qur'an but to do a  personal commentary is another  matter altogether. Seventeen (17)  kinds of religious sciences are  necessary to be acquired to be a  commentator. How many sciences  out of seventeen has Dr. Zakir Naik  learnt? The question is whether, in  religious matters, Shaikhul Hadith  Maulana Mohammad Zakariya (rah)  is more learned or self-styled Dr.  Zakir Naik? Shaikhul Hadith was a  person whom both Arabs and non-  Arabs regarded as an authoritative  scholar of hadith. And where Dr.  Zakir Naik does stand is known to all  as he cannot pronounce even a few  Qur'anic verses correctly. “[ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                                    Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :          “Visiting a graveyard or  mausoleum or even praying for dead  persons (isaal-e-sawab), tasawwuf  etc. are innovations and unlslamic  according to the school Zakir Naik  belongs too. If one is a murid of a pir  (disciple of a spiritual teacher),  according to 'Zakiri school' it is as  though he has nearly committed a  grave sin like that of shirk  (associating partners with Allah) ! There are other so many  issues where Dr Zakir Naik and all  mainstream ulama stand on opposite  sides. We do not wish to and cannot  critique them all in these limited  pages of a magazine. Leave aside  Deobandi ulama; Dr. Zakir Naik also  made Barelvi and the Shia groups  angry by his amateurish remarkr .” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

             Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :  An Arab alim Abu Abdur  Rahman Yahya expressed his  disagreemerit with Dr Naik's veiws  in his book "Zakir Al-HIndi..."    A sizeable number of the  ulama oppose Dr. Zakir Naik and  company because instead of  preaching Islam they target  particular religious groups,  according to their bent, for the sake  of propagating their own vested  ideology. They do not want madrasas  t o get zakat money from Muslims.  On the contrary, they use zakat  funds to run their own English  medium school, which collects  monthly fee in thousands from  children who are mostly from well-  off families. How does he justify  doing so?  This year too a dozen odd  ulama with a few big names were  invited to Dr. Zakir Naik's  international peace conference in  Mumbai from 22nd - 31st October  2010. Some happily accepted it as  usual - as if they got heaven-sent  chance, and some made excuses for  their attendance - "we would use his  stage and reach to a far and big audience"— which shows them up as  the real opportunists- they are; and  the other group rejected the  blandishments of the Zakir showand  preferred not to attend it.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :  “To show support to a controversial person is to support the  controversy itself, which is against  the spirit of Islam. Pious ulama are  expected to walk on mustahab tracks  (special ways of lif e desired by Islam)  rather than following the mubahat  (allowed) ones, which are just  common tracks. Most of. the  prominent ulama who have national  or international fan following have so  far kept themselves away from Dr  Zakir's stage, but one does not know  about their future course of action.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                  Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik : “It is undoubtedly one's  personal freedom to decide what to  do and what not to do, where to go  and where not to go and what to talk  and what not to say. But when one is a  public figure, his personal likes and  dislikes influence others. Most icons  do understand their dual  responsibility - as a person and as
public entity. Dr Zakir Naik has tried his  best to bring in his fold a number of  ulama with major fan followings. Till  date those who kept their distance  from Dr Naik and preferred to stay  away from the limelight are:

     Maulana Syed Rabe Hasan Nadwi, president Ali India Muslim  Personal Law Board and rector Darul  Uloom Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow,  Maulana Mohammad Salim Qasmi,  vice president Ali India Muslim  Personal Law Board and rector Darul  Uloom Waqf Deoband,  Maulana Syed Mahmood Madni, MP and  leader of Jamiat Ulama-e Hind,  Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, MP and  member shura (executive body) of  Darul Uloom Deoband,  Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, general  secretary, Ali India Fiqh Academy  and rector Al-Mah'dul Ali  Hyderabad as well as
Maulana Kalim  Siddiqut,  Maulana Sajjad Naomani  and Maulana Abdul Aleem Farooqui,  to name a few. [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

               Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik : “Those who so far succumbed to Dr Zakir's corporate  preaching and hi-fi life style, risking  their own reputation and public responsibility, are:  Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Wastanwi, member  shura (executive body) of Darul Uloom Deoband and rector Jamia  Isha'tul Uloom, Akkalkuwa,  Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini  Nadwi, professor at Darul Uloom  Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow and a few others with local or limited  popularity. [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik : “They have actually compromised with their own  religious ideology and let down the  spirit of the reputed institutions they  are attached with. Both the world famous Islamic learning centres of  India - Darul Uloom Deoband and  Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow do not  endorse all that Dr Zakir Naik  preaches or believes in. How these  ulama found excuses to be a part of  Dr. Zakir's popularity stunt is a mystery among their followers.  Anjuman-e Ahlus Sannat  Wal Jama'at, a body of Deobandi and  Nadwi alumni in Mumbai which  counts among its objectives to work  for and safeguard the internal purity  of Islam, with thousand plus  members mostly madrasa teachers,  imams of masjids or self-employed  ulama in Mumbai, have repeatedly  appealed to a few of invited ulama not  to panicipate in the Zakir Naik's  international peace conference. The  Anjuman and its officials, reportedly,  put reasons for their appeal in black  and white before them and they  personally talked to some of them  about their stand on Zakir Naik and  his controversial status among  Muslims. However, a few ulama such  as rnentioned above overlooked the  appeal and decided to be a part of  'Naik's light and show' programme. If  one does any thing wrong in the state  of ignorance, one might be free from  accountability. But after knowledge  one's wrong deeds would be  considered a revolt against the truth. Maulana Wastanwi has name  and fame and a wide body of work to  his credit, but then what brought him  to the glittering world of Dr. Zakir  Naik? Darul. Uloom Deoband has  issued an advisory against Zakir  Naik's explanation of Islam and  restricted people from participation  in his programmes at its online fatwa  web site. It is a question in the minds  of thousands of Darul Uloom alumni  and well wishers how a shura member  could go against Deoband's advisory!  Should he remain in the Darul  Uloom's body after this rmsstep, an  answer many arelooking for?”  [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

              Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :  Zakir Naik is a medical  professional; brought up in  Mumbai's corporate world and he  learnt well how to fetch business  through religious preaching. Baba  Ramdev is popular among Hindus,  using his media management skill  to popularize yoga for the masses.  Similarly, Dr Zakir Abdul Karim  Naik is popular among a section of  Muslims, thanks to his corporate  management skill, for his Iearnt-  by-heart English speeches.”   [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                    Deobandi Scholar Maulana Sved Salman Hussaini Nadwi  continues on Zakir Naik :  A section of Muslims feel  Dr Naik is heading towards making a  new sect among Muslims. He is  gradually growing to be an issue for  Muslim Indians. An expert on  comparative religion and preacher  Maulana Sajjad Naomani termed Dr.  Zakir Naik as 'khudrow ghas' that is a  kind of unwanted grass which grows  in the fields during the rainy season  and later automatically vanishes  during  faming period. “[ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

             No. 10--- Deobandi Scholars say Zakir Naik’s speeches  vis-a-vis ijmah of the ummah   :  Maulana Mahmood Ahmad Khan  Daryabadi, general secretary of Alindia Ulama Council said , "I think the time has arrived  to genuinely check Dr Naik's speeches  vis-a-vis ijmah of the ummah,  otherwise Dr Naik may create a new  crisis for the entire Muslim ummah" 

       How a Maulana Rejects  Zakir Naik's  Glamour World?

             No, 11--  Deobandi Scholar continues to expose Zakir Naik : The famous Indian scholar Mendana Muhammad Satini Qasmi, vice president ofAU India Muslim Personal Law Eoard and the Muhtamim  (VC) ofDarul Uloom Deoband (n?aqf) was invited to International Peace  Conference of Dr. Zakir Naik in Mumbai for Jhe second time thisyear.  There was an appeal from Deoband alumni for Maulana not to participate  in the programme following controversies swirling aroundDr. Naik. But  Maulana Qasmi came to Mumbai and talked to a number of ulama in Fine  Touch Masjid of Central Mumbai in his effort to persuade them infavour  of his participation in the Conference. Here is an extract by one ofthe participants ofthe diseussion.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

             Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi illustrates how Maulana Salim  Qasmi Deobandi is made to Reject  Zakir Naik's  Glamour World:When I entered Fine Touch  building, Maulana Salim  Qasmi Saheb was asking  the ulama present (around 100) the  reasons why they did not want hira to  participate in Dr Zakir Naik's  programme. Mufti Saeedur Rahman  Qasmi of Darul Uloom Imdadia  Madras a at Mohammad Ali Road,  Mumbai gave him a booklet - 'Dr  Zakir Naik - Ek Mut'ala' (Dr Zakir  Naik - A Study) compiled by Mufti  Obaidullah As'adi, Shaikhul Hadith of Jamia Arabia, Hatura, UP which gives details about issues that are  controversial among Dr. Naik and  general Muslims. He also presented  before him alengthy (496 page) book  -Haqeeqat-e Zakir Naik' (The True  Cotour of Zakir Naik) written by a  Pakistani author, Maulana Syed  Khaleeq Sajid Bukhari, and published  from Maktaba Madina, Deoband, in  April2010.   Maulana Mohammad Salim  Qasmi opening his heart to the  audience, said 'you are from me and I  am from you. We have a elose relation  with Darul Uloom Deoband. He further said that ulama  have been addressing the  needs of the ummah.  Even if a Muslim holds  the feast of "aqiqah", he  has at least one Maulana  on his guest list, That  shows the love and  regard of the Muslims  for the ulama. Maulana Qasmi  explained to his selected  audience who were  mostly Deoband and  Nadwa alumni that the  akabir (elders) of  Deoband had three major  characteristics, among others: 1 . They made all-out efforts to  preach Islam. 2. They never hesitated to  share the dais even with those  Muslim sects who called them kafir. 3. They never gave the   ismissive tag of kafir to any  Muwahhid (one who believes in  monotheism) even though the  others had termed them as kafir”. [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                 Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, Maulana Salim Qasmi  shared his experience saying that  once he was called to a conference  held by presently banned Students  Islamic Movement of India  (SIMI). Despite ideological  differences between SIMI and  Deoband, when they listened to  him, they were not only impressed  but many of them realized their  own mistakes. "Our point of view j  is so strong and factual that no one  can oppose it by mere argument. Every one has to admit the strong  basis of our religious stance" he  said. Maulana further explained  that the differences in Muslim sects  are primarily because of excess of  knowledge. That is the reason that  Muslims have a large number of sects. There are not so many sects  in Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism etc, because they generally  do not study their own scriptures.  He emphasized a lot on the  point that if somebody believes in the  basics of Islam that is in the five  pillars of Islam and Eiman-e  Mufassal, one should try to ignore
other differences. Such kind of  Muslim is not ZALL (One  who makes people astray)  or MUZILL (who is  astray) he is just a  KHATEE (wrong doer).  There is no problem to  share the stage with such  kinds of people.  On being asked  about Dr. Zakir's wrong  explanation of the Qur'an,  Maulana Salim Qasmi  responded saying: If some  people do taweel  (uncommon explanation)  with good intentions in the  Qur'an, it should be  accepted but tahreef (wrong  explanation) of the Qur'an is totally  unacceptable. “[ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                   Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, : “Than I got my chance to  speak and I addressed Maulana Salim  Qasmi Saheb: "Hazrat we see you as  one of the great scholars of Islam,  son of Hazrat Hakimul Islam  Maulana Qari Tayyab (rah), an  ideologue of f amous Darul Uloom
Deoband and we do respect your  views. But Dr. Zakir Naik attempts  to deny ijma and qayas and this is  against the spirit of Shari'ah.  It is a fact that by virtue of  lis Peace TV there is a craze for  Zakir Naik among some  youngsters and ultra modern  Muslims not only in Mumbai but  in some other parts of the world  too. Some consider him a scholar  of Islam.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                       Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, : “ Zakir Naik repeats that he believes only in Qura'an and Sahih  Hadith. All Muslims from Ahle  Sunnah Wal Jama'h believe and  consider the Qura'an, Sunnah,  Ijma and Qayas as sources of  Islamic Shar'iah." I informed the  Maulana that Dr Naik hides his  ideological identity and misleads  common youth by not  conforming to these traditional  sources of the Sharia'h. Manypeople come  to us enquiring about Zakir  Naik, and when we reply  that we neither appreciate  nor endorse his style of  preaching, some argue that a  few ulama, even frorn  Deoband, support him,  share the stage with him  which show their  agreement withDr. Naik!"  Maulana Qasmi  responded to my last point  and said: 'I do not agree  with the point that sharing  the stage with somebody  means an agreement. I  would rather go there and  put forward my point of  view'.  [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                  Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, : “Mufti, Saeedur  Rahman as ke d 'Maulana  you would be given a  specific topic and have to  speak accordingly. How  would you be able to put  across your point of view? ' Maulana Qasmi  replied that he was not  bound by any particular  topic. "I can put across my  point of view," he said.  The Maulana was  enlightened by a member that he may  put forth his point of view but it  could reach only to the audience he  was directly interacting with on that  day and place. As far as the TV
 iewer-ship was concerned, his point  of view would reach to them only  after it is 'suitably' edited and  'ideologically' scanned.  It was also pointed out to  Maulana Salim Qasmi that the  Isiamic Research Foundation (IRF)  of Dr. Zakir Naik was not at all  interested in putting the Maulana's  message across through their TV  channel but they were interested in  putting his f ace on TV as attending an  IRF programme with the tag of  'Muhtamim Darul Uloom WaqfDeoband' alongside.  The host of the discussion,  Rafique Dudhwala asserted that, "I  have seen people there scanning  every part of a speech that goes  against their beliefs". Mufti Azizur  Raman Fatehpuri, the grand Mufti of  Maharashtra, added that Dr, Asrar  Ahmad of Pakistan was delivering a  speech at IRF programe in Mumbal's  YMCA ground just a few years ago,  and a questioner asked whether  taqleed (following) of any of four  imams is shirk or not. Dr. Asrar  answered it was not only allowed but  it was an obligation for every  common individual to follow any of  the four imams - Shafi, Malik,  Ahmad bin Hambal or Abu Hanifa.  But later that answer was omitted  from the CD.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, :  “Zakir Naik does  everything that may catch  public attention, I  info rm e d the Maulana. At  a programme in Mumbai's  Hajj House, where I was  also present, his father Dr  Abdul Karim Naik  announced that his son -  Zakir Naik has discovered  a method that enables  everyone who wants to  become a hafiz or  memorize the whole  Qur'an, to do so with in  just three months' time.  He also blamed. madrasas  in the same breath that  they together could not do  such 'an easy work' in  hundred years and asked  the audience about the  usefulness of present  madrasas in India.  IRF had also  published the same idea in  major Mumbai-based  Urdu newspapers and  explained that through an  Arabian scientist they  found a 'method' through  which students can  memorize the whole Qur'an within  three months. To get to the truth of  this extraordinary finding and get  supplementary details, Eastern  Crescent sent two of its trainee  journalists to IRF.  After enquiry, they found  the entire claim was a hoax. The  actual 'discovered method' of  memorizing the whole Qur'an in 90  days was that a teacher recites a verse  of the Qur'an and the student  follows. This they do with the whole  of the Qur'an and thus the student  memorizes' the whole Qur'an within  three months but the student cannot  read out even some verses of the  Qur'an without looking at it. After  this three months' training, the student requires three more years to
'perfect' his  memorization.  Is there a ny t h i n g extraordinary in this method?  Madrasas generally produce  huffaz", memorisers of the Qur'an,  in 2-3 years. Some extraordinary  students perfect it in a year and in  very special cases in less then a year.Eastern Crescent carried an article  about this 'new method' in one if its  2008issues”. [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

                Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, : “A member of the discussion  argued that Dr Zakir Naik has been  doing exactly the same that the  Christians and Jews are failed to do in  India, that is alienating common  Muslims from madrasas and ulama.  He and his men discourage people  from visiting ulama for knowledge  and sending children to madrasas. On this Maulana Salim  Qasmi said, 'he has debated  successfully with the Christians and  preached Islam far and wide'.  It stunned every one for a  while. An uneasy gossip started all  around. Than one person remarked:  "We cannot ignore his negative side  ahogether". He might be doing some  good work which we do not deny, he  said. But his thrust on Dawah work is now becoming part of his past, and he has now become more of a glamorous  person, looking for petro-dollars to  finance his mega events in India, he  added.  Before he was caught in  controversies, some of our ulama  from Mumbai not only appreciated  him but also supported him in his  work. But later through critical  observation it was found that IRF is  working to promote its undeclared  mission to force people to convert to  "ghair muqallidiat", i. e. WBM  those who do not m  follow any school of  theology.” [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

            Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi further says on Zakir Naik, : Mufti Azizur  Rahman cited the  e x a m p 1 e of one  Shehzad Malik,
formerly working with  IRF, who was forced to  put hands on chest  instead of navel, which  all Hanafi Muslims do,  during salah. A friend from  Safa School observed |  that the reality behind  calling big names and  ulama like Maulana Salim Qasmi is  that complaints have been made to  the Awqaf ministry of Saudi Arabia  that Zakir Naik is misusing their  money and no authentic alim of India  supports him. So Dr Naik is looking  to bring renowned ulama to his fold  to market his position around the  world. Maulana Salim Qasmi was  also inf ormed that the expenditure of  zakat money mentioned by Zakir  Naik includes his programme  advertisements, TV channel cost and  the expenses of the speakers in his  conferences. Mufti Azizur Rahman  added "you might also be paid for  five star hotel stay, air tickets and even 'hadiya' (gift) from the zakat  money".  On this Maulana  Mohammad Salim Qasmi said, a I  already have said in the very  beginning you are from me and I am  from you. If you do not agree on my  participation, than how can I go?"  This is how one more  Maulana rejected Dr Zakir Naik's  overtures, where the strobe lights of  the show try to dispel the darkness  but just for only ten days of the  year”. [ Ref : "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"]

    Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi publishes following tawbanama of Zakir Naik in his book, "Zakir Naik A Crisis in the Making"

Deobandi Scholar M. Taugeer Qasmi concludes , “  From time to time Dr Naik retracts from his previous statements.  This 'Tauba Nama' is a proof which he presented to the jotnt  police commissioner of Mumbai”.

                                       Wa Maa Alaina Illal Balag.

[ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED :  This writing is taken from Abu Arif Al Alawi's “Zakir Naik In The eyes of Salafi- Deobandi Scholars & Civil War Among Salafi Sub-Firqas”.

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  1. People who are supporting to Deoband.. they should know ..British Regime finance this school of thoughts to spread the truth of Islam in wrong direction...

    The way Deoband teaches their students.. most of their thoughts are not related to Holy Quran and Shahih Hadith...example 3 days, 40 days, 4 months.. stay Masjid and leave family and make them vulnerable etc...

    Moreover, Deboand, Barelovy, Nashabandia, Mujadidia.. and other well-known sects were introduced during the British regime in the sub-continent... most of their practices are Invention and no strong relation with Quran and Shahih Hadith....

    We should learn Quran and Hadith in Arabic and try to understand the meaning.. Translation sometimes introduce wrong faiths...

    Jazzak-Allahu Kyran.

    1. To The Misguided Studentofknowledge Brother:

      Please check the authentic information about Ahle Hadith sect in India. You would easily get to know that your founding fathers had to beg Britishers to get your sect name registered as Ahl-E-Hadith. Queen Victoria approved the name.

  2. Salafi/Ahle Hadeeth/ wahabi Kharizis are more skilled in propagating lie than even Goebolls, the minister of Hitler. They spread lie of Ahle Sunnat of Zamaat of being Pro-British. Hypocrites! Why don't you provide reference? Simple Challenge. Provide reference and we'll accept the truth. If you are sincere in learning truth, be bold to show the truth. History bears witness that Salafi/Ahle Hadeeth/ wahabism was created by The British. Even today, Saudis are run by The British. look at the pictures above in this website. You will find Wahabi-British, Wahabi-USA, Wahabi-Mushrik honeymoon. Even The ahle Hadeeth/Salafis confess The British-Salafi/Ahle Hadeeth nexus. Go Through Monthly Ahle Hadees 28th February, 2009 Page 46-48; Published by Jamiat Ahle Hadees Paschim Banga.

  3. Competition for greater knowledge, whether it relates to 'deen' or 'dunya', may not be an undesirable aspect. Whether Deboand, Barelvy, Nashabandia, Mujadidia.. and other sects or any one like Dr. Zakir Naik should be welcome to bring about additions to knowledge. In case if there are any differences of opinions among scholars, those should be discussed in public forums so that Muslims are benefited out of such debates and discussions. The truth and facts would come out of such debates.

    Instead of adopting postures of rivalry and unfriendliness, all the scholars need to come together to put their versions of knowledge in front of Muslim ummah.

    By the advantage of being in a neutral position, I would love to listen to all the shades of knowledge about Islam. I suggest, ulema's from all configurations should conduct themselves in a friendly manner, and offer the ummah the benefit of their knowledge through friendly debates and discussions in public forums.


  4. I Want To Debate With Dr. Zakir Naik

  5. “Dr Zakir Naik is a Da'ii and we give him his due respect for that. He knows himself that he is not an Alim in Deen. Thus Ulema have given their decree that he, not being an Alim in deen, should focus his da'wah to what he is good at (i.e. comparative religion), and leave religious answering to the Fuqaha.”

  6. please tell me your think about deobandi book fazael-e-amal this book is right or wrong

    1. After reading fazael-e-amal, i just want to say that
      Fazael-e-Amal= some verse of Holy Quran + some 'Sahih Hadith'+ some 'Jal(false) hadith' + some story of their own(which has made lakhs of people Gomrah, which include belief in Shirk, which they have got from their dream ) ;
      This people actually leading people into false belief though they say that they are certified Alim in deen.

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  9. Prophet -peace and blessings be upon him-said "There will be years of trickery, in which the liar is believed, the truthful is called a liar, the honest is called a traitor, the traitor will be entrusted, the (rowaybedah) will speak and advise.” He was asked: Who is the (rowaybedah), he peace be upon him said: “The impertinent person will give fatwa to the general public.” [Musnad Ahmad]

    1. Many muftee of present day are impertinent. some of them try to lead people to what day like other than Allah and Rasul's like.

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