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Salafi Fatwa Of Takfeer On Their Own Imams Ibn Baaz, Albani & Co.

By: Maulana Muhammad A. K. Azad [ Abu Arif Al Alawi ]  


                   In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful  . All Praise is due to Allah The Most High. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa sallam, his family and  his companions.

          Kafir, Mushrik, Shirk, Bidah --- these are the trademark terms of Ahle Bidah Salafism. This 'Jama’at Al- Takfeer has hijacked Islam wearing the garb of religion . These People  desert the path of Ahlus Sunnah Wa Jama’at and riding on their own intelligence to understand Al quran and Hadeeth , they follow their own desires and path. The result is very dangerous and the Muslim Ummah is on the brink of the civil war. This fatwa factory declares almost all Muslims to be Kafir and Mushrik for having belief in Hayatun Nabi, Tawassul, Istigatha and Taqleed. Even, due to their fierce sectarianism and violent ideology, this bloodthirsty Sect has been divided into countless sub-sects and each group is calling other Kafir. Most startling fact is, they have declared their imams to be Kafir and Mushrik. According to salafis:

1.    Ibn Baaz is a Kafir.
2.     Nasiruddin Albani is a Ghulaat Murjia ( Kafir)
3.    Saudi Leaders Are Kafirs
4.     Saudis are the worshippers of Ibn Baaz i.e. Saudis are Mushriks

                   Bloody Civil war between Salafis: Salafi Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal divides the salafi firqa into two sub-firqas and does takfeer on the followers of Madkhalis, the followers of Saudi regime. He writes,

             A MADkhali is a follower of Rabie al Madkhali - he is 100% behind the king and they cement the throne of the apostate leaders. These people lead astray many unsuspecting Muslims - and these are people who do not learn about their Tauheed. THEY HAVE 15 TENETS.  There are 2 types of Salafis.

 i. SALAFI JIHADI. - this is a real Muslim because Salaf means someone who follows the pious predecessors. - the first 3 generations, you call for Jihad and Shariah

ii. SAUDI SALAFI. - they believe it is halal to spy for the kuffaar. - they believe in kufr duna kufr”.
[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)]

               Salafi Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal’s Fatwa on Nasiruddin Albani. Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal  writes under “THEY WANT TO GET RID OF THE 4 MADHABS AND REPLACE IT WITH THE ALBANI MADHAB,”

Albani went against the ijma of the Muslims by making gold haraam for women. Abu Musa Ash’ari reported that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “Wearing silk and gold is forbidden to the men of my ummah. But (they are) allowed to their women.” [Tirmidhi 1726, Nisai 5163]

he said to masturbating in Ramadaan does not break your fast

he said that if you insult the prophet, you are not a kaafir

- everyone thought that he was senile went he passed this fatwa

- he was a Ghulaat Murjia [ See note below- Author]

- (Ghulaat = extreme)

- he was self taught

[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)

                         Note:  According to salafism, Murjias are Kafirs. Salafis write under “Point :  “The fifth point that most Muslims today are kuffar and very few are practicing. 95% of the Muslims - they are Murjiah (i.e. kuffar) and little are practicing.” [Refer to Page 27, 28]

[ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 16]

             Salafi Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal  further writes on Nasiruddin Albani , “- what about Albani? he died believing that to dismantle the Shariah is a minor kufr. - Shaikh bin Baaz died believing that there is Shariah in Saudi Arabia. - there are riba banks all over the country, how can that be Shariah? "Riba has seventy segments, the least serious being equivalent to a man committing adultery with his own mother." [Ibn Majah, Vol. 3, p337, #2274 and Mustadrak Al- Hakim, Vol. 2, p43, #2259] [ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)

        Identity of Murjia:  Al-Qurtubi wrote in his commentary of the verse "Those are a people who have passed away. Theirs is that which they have earned, and yours is that which you earn. And you will not be asked of what they used to do." (2:134): "Together with a human being’s action was created his ‘capacity to act’ (qudra), through which one comprehends the difference between a deliberate movement and mere reflex (haraka al-ra`sha), for instance. The Jabriyya hold that a human being does not earn anything [by his acts] and that he is like vegetation of which the wind disposes. The Qadariyya and Mu`tazila hold the opposite of these two positions and say that a human being creates his own acts." In his commentary of the verse "And hold fast, all of you together, to Allah’s rope, and do not separate into factions" (3:103), he wrote: "The Jabriyya’s twelve sects respectively hold the following beliefs: ‘No act is the doing of human beings. Allah does everything.’ ‘We do perform acts but have no actual capacity (istita`a) of our own to do them; we are like dumb beasts led by a rope.’ ‘Everything has been created, and nothing is created anymore.’ ‘Allah punishes people for His own acts, not theirs.’ ‘Follow whatever comes to your heart, and do what you deem beneficent.’ ‘A human being earns neither reward nor punishment.’ ‘Whoever wishes to act, let him act; the felicitous one is not harmed by his sins, and the wretched one is not helped by his piety.’ ‘Whoever drinks the cup of Allah’s love is no longer obliged to worship with his limbs.’ ‘Whoever loves Allah no longer fears Him, as the lover does not fear his beloved.’ ‘Whoever increases in knowledge is exempted from worshipping in proportion to it.’ ‘The world belongs equally to all human beings. There is no precedence among them in their father Adam’s inheritance.’ ‘Acts proceed from us and we have the capacity to perform them.’ [In contradiction to the first two tenets above.]" The Jabriyya are identified as the Murji’a themselves in the hadith: "Two groups of my Community have nothing to do with Islam: the Murji’a and the Qadariyya."Al-Mubarakfuri in his "Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi" (6:302) mentioned the following explanation by al-Tibi:"The truth is that the Murji’a [in this hadith] are the Jabriyya, who hold that the attribution of an act to a human being is like its attribution to an inanimate object. They were thus named because they ‘postpone’ Allah’s commands and His prohibitions so as not to depend upon them, and so they allow themselves to commit grave sins. They exaggerate [Allah’s Decree] while the Qadariyyaneglect [it]. The truth is between the two." [ Courtsey: As-Sunna Foundation of America.]

        Salafi  fatwa -  Ibn Baaz Is Kafir  : Zihadi Salafi Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal declared Salafi Grand Shaykh Ibn Baaz to be Kafir for his fatwa allowing U.S.A. troops in Arabian Land during  the gulf war as Wahabi Saudi Rulers  had  military pact with US. Before presenting the fatwa of kufr on Saudi-paid Mullah Ibn Baaz By his own Salafi Mullah Abdullah El Faisal, let us have a look on the contemporary scenario so that we can make out the issue clearly. The New York Times Reports on January 20, 1991:

                  Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority has issued a decree sanctioning a holy war against Saddam Hussein by all Muslims and "those assisting them" to evict his forces from Kuwait. The "fatwa," or religious decree, authorizing the "jihad," or holy war, was issued by Sheik Abdulaziz bin Abdulla bin Baz, the head of the Council of Ulema, Saudi Arabia's most senior Islamic authority. It was written at the beginning of the coalition's offensive against Iraq, and published on Friday in a special edition of al-Muslimoon, the most popular Islamic weekly newspaper. Copies of the decree were posted today in several mosques across Riyadh. The fatwa blesses not only all Muslims participating in the war to evict Iraqi forces from Kuwait, but non-Muslims as well, a highly unusual event. It calls the Iraqi leader "the enemy of God," a strong condemnation in Islamic terms. Support for the King. "The fatwa removes any doubt about the religious justification for asking non-Muslims to help this country attack another Muslim country," said a religious scholar, who spoke on condition that he not be identified.

              The decree also provides religious and political support for King Fahd, known as the "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques" in Mecca and Medina. The Saudi King touched off a passionate debate in Islamic circles in August by requesting the help of American and other non-Muslim forces in defending the kingdom. Since then, a controversy has raged over whether his decision was legitimate. Each side in the dispute has sought religious justification for its stance in what amounts to a war of fatwas. Last week, Saddam Hussein -- whose Baathist Party once championed socialist, secular government -- convened an assembly of Islamic representatives from countries supporting him. The delegates issued a statement attacking the presence of non-Islamic "infidels" in Saudi Arabia. King Called Own Conference. King Fahd called his own Islamic conference at the same time, which, unlike Iraq's gathering, was attended by some of the most prominent interpreters of Islam, from Egypt to Nigeria. The conference issued a statement essentially endorsing the Saudi King's position.

               This is Sheik bin Baz's second fatwa relating to the gulf crisis. In August, the sheik, who is in his late 70's and who commands great respect in Saudi Arabia, issued an initial fatwa sanctioning the presence of non-Islamic forces here to deter aggression against the kingdom. But the decree stopped short of calling for or blessing an attack on another Muslim country by the multinational forces. The new decree goes further. "The jihad that is taking place today against the enemy of God, Saddam, the ruler of Iraq, is a legitimate jihad on the part of Moslems and those assisting them," the decree states. "For he has wrongly transgressed and committed aggression against and invaded a peaceful country. Therefore it is obligatory to wage jihad against him to expel him unconditionally from Kuwait, to assist the oppressed, to restore justice and to deter the oppressor." Hussein Not Threatened. The fatwa avoids any direct personal threat to Saddam Hussein and in this way differs from another famous fatwa, the one issued two years ago in Iran by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a Shiite Moslem, calling for the death of the writer Salman Rushdie. Fatwas here are traditionally issued, often at the request of a government, to settle political, social or economic disputes. when Saudi women recently defied tradition by driving their cars in protest of the informal ban on women driving, the Council of Elders issued a fatwa stating that women should not drive. The proclamation of a fatwa by the council or one of its members, all of whom are appointed by the King, essentially closes public debate on the issue in dispute.”
[ Reference: New York Times- By Judith Miller. Published on  January 20, 1991]

                 Notorious  Fatwa of bin Baaz  allowing the US troops in Arabia: The late Mufti of al-Saud, Abdul Aziz bin Baz stated:

                    “What resulted from the Saudi government is for reasons of these well played out developments against the oppression of the state of Iraq towards the state of Kuwait by SEEKING HELP ALTOGETHER from the ARMIES which are composed of a number of people from the MUSLIMS and OTHER THAN THEM (kuffar) for resistance against military aggression and defense of the lands (the Peninsula). “ Thus that (the fatwa) is a permissible order, and on the contrary its judgment is necessity, and it is a necessity on the Kingdom that it (the Kingdom) establish this compulsory act for the defense of the lands of Islam and the Muslims. The sanctity of the land and its people is an imperative matter as well. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary and an obligatory duty. “So it (the Kingdom) is excused and praiseworthy on its sudden, spontaneous action towards this prudence and the avid desire for protection of the land and its people from evil and defending it (the lands) from expected military aggression. It has already been established that the president of Iraq is not trusted by the common folk from the country of Kuwait. So treachery is to be expected from him. So because of this, the necessity was called to take precaution and help in a number of FOREIGN ARMIES for the protection of the land and its people and in the avid desire for the safety and well being of the land and its people from every thing. “ And we ask Allaah that He assist it (the action) and that He put it (the action) on every good and that He benefit the motives, make good the outcome, that He put to rest every evil and that He make the plan of the enemies of Allaah go astray and that He purify the Muslims of their evil and He, Mighty and Majestic, is the best One to be responsible.”

[ Reference : al-Fiqhiyyat ul Ma’aasira, No. 6, year 1990 regarding the Gulf Crisis]

   Takfeer On Ibn Baaz By Zihadi Salafis: On account of the above Satanic fatwa by Ibn Baaz in favour of US crusaders in Arabian peninsula, Zihadi salafi  Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal declared him to be Kafir. When the followers of Ibn Baaz objected to this  fatwa of Kufr, Zihadi salafis refuted the objection and affirms that Ibn Baaz died unrepentant and indeed died as a Kafir. Let us have a look on the fatwa:

“Timeline of the Takfeer on Ibn Baaz:

• In 1998 Sheikh Faisal didn’t make takfeer on ibn Baaz. Why? Because the people were not ready.
After some period had passed, once the topics of aqueedah were sufficiently covered by Sheikh Faisal – takfeer was made on ibn Baaz.
Then after the death of ibn Baaz it was rumored that ibn Baaz had repented. Thus now, Sheikh Faisal said that it was not possible to make takfeer on ibn Baaz anymore.
Then just last month the Sheikh got in touch with a reliable person who informed the Sheikh that one of his close family members had personally visited ibn Baaz (just before the death of ibn Baaz) and had told ibn Baaz to repent. But ibn Baaz refused. Thus, due to this updated information the current stance of Sheikh Faisal is that ibn Baaz is a kafir.

 [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 05]
Zihadi Salafis write under “Devil’s Deception of the 21st Century House Niggars | Part 4/24 | 7:00”

             Salafis further write on Ibn Baaz:  "Groups of People" have not been given the titled of kafirs - it is those who have the knowledge (already know)/to whom it has been explained from these groups it is they who have been given the title of kafirs. Or scholars who know better – i.e. ibn Baaz passed a fatwa not only kafir maids to brought into the Arabian Peninsula – citing that no two religions shouldn’t be found in the Arabian peninsula and that it was dangerous for the family members (i.e. they might get influenced by the maid). But this same man passed a fatwa allowing the Crusader troops to not only come into the Arabian Peninsula (and they say that it was to defend from Saddam); but even after (i.e. after the Gulf War) that he didn’t take back his fatwa – in fact he refused to take back his fatwa of allowing the Crusader troops into the Arabian Peninsula even on his deathbed.” [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 11]

            Salafi Shaikh Abdullah Faisal says that Saudis worship Ibn Baaz: Shaikh Abdullah faisal affirms, ““YOU MUST WORK TO ESTABLISH THE SHARIAH OF MUHAMMAD. So Whosoever abandons the wise Shariah which was revealed upon Muhammed ibn Abdullah, the seal of the prophets, and goes to other abrogated Shariah for judgment, he becomes a Kaafir. So how about the one who goes to al-Yaasiq (man-made law) for judgment and gives it precedence (over the Sharia of Muhammed (SAW). Whosoever does this has become a Kaafir by the Ijma of the Muslims. Ibn Kathir, Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah, Vol 13, p119

- some of you, think that dismantling the Shariah is minor kufr
- why did Ibn Kathir pass this fatwa? because he was sincere
- but a MADkhali would say: ‘you are not a kaafir’
- since the Saudi Salafi's worship Bin Baaz we will use Bin Baaz to checkmate them

Shaikh 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn 'Abdullaah Ibn Baaz said: "There is no Eemaan for the one who believes the laws of the people and their opinions are superior to the Hukm of Allah and His Messenger or that they are equal to it or that they resemble it or who leaves it or replaces it with fabricated laws and institutions invented by people, even if he believes that the laws of Allah are more encompassing and more just." – "Risaalat Wujoob Tah'keem Sharee'at Allah' Pg. 39, which follows the "Risaalat Tah'keem Al-Qawaneen" Published by "Daar Al-Muslim".

[ Reference: HOW TO BE SINCERE TO THE RASOOL (SAW) by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal 05.15.2012 (Evening Dars)]

                Zihadi salafis’ fatwa--  Saudi Rulers Are Kafirs: Zihadi salafis writes under, “Brief Explanation For Devil's Deception of the Saudi Salafis | Part 3/24 | 1:25”

                  “Here Sheikh Faisal is referring to the saudi salafi "scholars" who cement/defend the throne of the kafir rulers i.e. refuse to accept the truth even when evidence is presented and "try" to make excuses such as this is "minor kufr"; among other things. So the argument that Abu Hamza tries to make using this is totally baseless.  And in 2:31 is an ADVISE for the sisters who are aware the truth about their husband - and are still cohabiting with them.” [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 08]

               Zihadi salafis writes under, “Brief Explanation For Devil's Deception of the Murjiah | Part 3/24 | 2:57” –

                 “Sheikh Faisal repeats the same point (and I have already given the explanation for this just above. Also, the students that Sheikh Faisal is referring to “…students of Sheikh bin Baaz and Uthaymeen who go around all over the world…” are not the lay people – but they themselves are scholars. “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.” [5:51]
Thus, the leaders have become kafirs. So aren’t the Saudi Salafi leaders cementing the thrones of kafirs / apostates (if they ever were Muslims).” [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 08]

                    Zihadi salafis writes under, “Brief Explanation For Towards Liberating the Holy Lands | Part 3/24 | 6:15” –

                  “Here Sheikh Faisal basically makes the same point the regime (this time specifically referring to regime of "Saudi" Arabia is a kafir regime, the army is a kafir army, the scholars who support the regime are kafirs and the “salafis” who support the scholars are kafirs) – again I repeat here, that scholars and students who Sheikh Faisal is referring to here are either knowledgeable / or the position has been explained to them.” [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 09]

                    Zihadi salafis writes under, “The Devil's Deception of the Murjiah| Part 5/24 | 3:45 –

                            “When Sheikh Faisal says that Muslims (of the correct aqueedah) needs to make takfeer on:

• “king” Fahd,
• ibn Baaz,
• students of ibn Baaz (general takfeer – i.e. it’s a group of kufr),
• army of the Saudi Regime (general takfeer – i.e. it’s a group of kufr).

         Evidence:  “When those who were followed, disown (declare themselves innocent of) those who followed (them), and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them.” [2:166] Please note that here by "students" of ibn Baaz - Sheikh Faisal doesn't mean the lay people who are ignorant / i.e. to whom the evidence has not been brought. But here by students of ibn Baaz Sheikh Faisal is referring to the other scholars who are the students of ibn Baaz.
When the Sheikh is referring to Saudi Salafis he is referring to scholars who already have the knowledge (i.e. some of them even have phds – a doctorate degree) so it is next to impossible that they are jaahil.  Note: Murji – is a liberal Muslim.” [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 12]

                  Zihadi salafi Osama Bin Laden’s  letter To Ibn Baaz: Notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden wrote to Ibn Baaz, “When the king hung the cross upon his chest and appeared with it before the world, happy and smiling, you justified his action and permitted him his abomination, and permitted him although this act is clearly infidelity. This is plain from the condition of the one who did it freely.

            When the attacking Crusader and the Jewish Alliance - in collusion with the regime - decided in the Gulf War to occupy the country in the name of liberating Kuwait, you allowed this with an arbitrary Fatwa which justified this abominable action. This insulted the honour of the Ummah, sullied its dignity, and defiled its holy places, on the grounds of assisting the infidel in a case of necessity, disregarding the restrictions on assistance and the rules on necessity expressed in Islamic law.

           When the ruling Saudi regime aided and supported the chiefs of Communist, Socialist apostasy in Yemen against the Muslim Yemeni people in the recent war, you kept silent. When these Communists suffered setbacks, you issued - on the recommendation of this regime - a word of advice! Summoning everyone to reconcile and shake hands, considering them all Muslims! Making people think that the Communists are Muslims means sparing their blood. When were the Communists ever Muslims? Aren’t you the one who previously issued a Fatwa on their apostasy and the necessity of killing them in Afghanistan? Or is there a difference between Yemeni Communists and Afghan Communists? Are the concepts of the faith and the precepts of Tawhid lost and confused to this extent?

          The ruling regime continues to lodge these infidel nations in different cities of the country. We have not heard you disapproving. He, may God bless him and grant him peace, said “God curses those who shelter an innovator.” Muslim relates it.

         When the regime decided to attack Shaykh Salman al-‘Awdah and Shaykh Safar al-Hawali who proclaimed the truth and suffered for the sake of God, it obtained a Fatwa from you allowing all - the attacks and maltreatment to which the two Shaykhs and the preachers, Shaykhs and youth of the Ummah had been subjected. May God release them and save from them the wrong of the wrongdoers.

            There are some other examples that we did not intend to omit, but it would take too much space to mention them. We have in our hands your recent Fatwa about something called slandering peace with the Jews. This is painful to Muslims, since you responded to the political wish of the regime which decided to present to the public a comedy of surrender to the Jews it had previously entered into. Therefore, you issued a Fatwa allowing peace both unrestrictedly and conditionally with the enemy. Who are the Prime Minister of the Zionist enemy and his parliamet that they can be dealt with, and praised, when the Saudi regime announced the result of its intention for further normalisation with the enemy?

                 It is as if you were not content to open up the land of the Two Holy Places to the Jewish and Crusader occupation forces. You added a third Holy Place by giving a veneer of legitimacy to the surrender documents that the treacherous and cowardly Arab tyrants signed.”
[An open letter to Sheikh Bin Baz regarding his fatwa by Usama Ibn Laden- Dated: 27/7/1415 AH]

                   Clarification by Sheikh Faisal on His Takfeer on Ibn Baz: Zihadi salafi Sheikh Faisal attests his fatwa on Ibn Baz saying,"I didn't make takfeer on Bin baaz [ibn Baaz] during the debate with Abu Qataada because the crowd wasn't ready to hear that verdict. However when the people learnt more about alwalaa wal baraa; takfeer was made on bin baaz. This debate took place after the fatwa of bin baaz to allow the crusaders in the Holy lands. This debate with abu qataada was about the tape "the devil's deception of the saudi salafis". This debate was around the summer of 98. The "[The Devil's Deception of the] Saudi Salafi" tape was the summer of 97. "The [21st/20th Century] House Niggers" [lecture] was around 98 also..." [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page-14]

                Zihadi salafis writes under, 9 Points of What Abu Hamza Claims/Understands to be the Aqueedah of Sheikh Faisal:

                  “Please note that these points have been stated as is (if there are any mistakes in transcribing them, please inform me, insha’Allah). Then after listing out all the accusations word for word, that they’ve made against Sheikh Faisal – I have refuted them based upon their expansion of their accusations. So without further ado, I give you the accusations/“points” that Abu Hamza brings forth against Sheikh Faisal:

Point 1:  "The first one is that the Salafis have been classifed in general as just kuffar. There's no prayer behind them, whoever doesn't make takfeer on bin Baaz is murji. All this is just encapsulated in just one statement.” [Refer to Page 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23]

Point 2:  "The women living with salafis have no marriage. Must make bara from their husbands and they are adulterous. Brixton masjid is a masjid of kuffar and whoever doesn't call regime, the army, the scholars and the student kuffar - they are either murjiah, kuffar, hypocrites and/or insincere.” [Refer to Page 23, 24]

Point 3:  “Claiming the unseen. And that the brothers in Finsbury and Tooting are insincere and they will be dumped in the fire and so on and so forth.. this person is going to hell, these people - they are insincere, so we are taking the magic wand of the unseen putting it over people and looking into people's internal matters and saying that the people are using things for fame and fortune. Since he has classified the salafi as kuffar, when he is saying that the people are salafi inclined he means these people - they are leaning towards kufr. That they are going towards kufr.” [Refer to Page 24]  [just before break for the salah, Abu Hamza butts in:]  Special Point: “That Sheikh Faisal has lied against ibn Taymiyyah, ibn Kathir.” [Refer to Page 40, 41, 42, 43, 35, 26, 27]
[back after the salah:]

Point 4:  “The four general point was, that was taken from the tape - was the common Muslim will not be excused for refusing to make takfeer on ibn Baaz and King Fahd.” [Refer to Page 25,26]

Point 5:  The fifth point that most Muslims today are kuffar and very few are practicing. 95% of the Muslims - they are Murjiah (i.e. kuffar) and little are practicing.” [Refer to Page 27, 28]

Point 6:  If you give your money to the IMF, you're a kafir.” [Refer to Page 28]

Point 9:  “Changing fatwa regarding King Fahd and bin Baaz. The takfeer of before that, he didn't make takfeer on them - general takfeer and now the takfeer of those who donot make takfeer on them and then he makes takfeer on them.” [Refer to - Really Covered All Over this Defense]

[ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page- 16]

Counter Fatwa of Salafi Abu Hamza Against salafi  Sheikh Faisal:

 “Sheikh Faisal is –

• A crook;
• A liar;
• A black racist;
• A deviant;
• A conspirator against normal Muslims or average Muslims;
• An evil Sheikh;
• He lies about the explanation of the Noble Quran;
• He follows the methodology of madness;

He wants to start a cult;
• He is unworthy of being heard/listened to;

And he needs to dumped into the dustbin;
• Also, we can understand from the relatively direct statements of Abu Hamza that Sheikh Faisal is a khawarij – or at the very least on the methodology of the khawarij.

. [ Reference : In Defense Of The “Takfiri” Views of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Refuting Abu Hamza’s Slander of Sheikh Abdullah el Faisal:  Page-3]

  Salafis say, “In Saudi Arabia we have al Yaasiq, a cocktail of western style capitalism”: Salafi Shaykh Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal says,

“- the Saudi- British bank, these are banks based on Riba
- Saudi Hollandi bank ripping people off with riba

"Riba has seventy segments, the least serious being equivalent to a man committing adultery with his own mother." [Ibn Majah, Vol. 3, p337, #2274 and Mustadrak Al- Hakim, Vol. 2, p43, #2259]

- secondly you have racism and Arab nationalism as part of their Shariah there
- a Saudi citizen cannot marry a non Saud, they have made it illegal (haraam)
- Ibn Taymiyyah made takfir on the Tatars and fought them
- we have a new al-Yaasiq today, why didn’t you call Ibn Taymiyyah a Khawaarij?
- these Zanaadiqa claim that the Mujahideen are Khawaarij!
“[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)]

Salafis say, Saudis “REFUSE TO REJECT THE TAGHOOT: Salafi Shaykh Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal says,

- they are in bed with the Taghoot and they spy for the Taghoot!
- Abdul Haqq Baker said he was spying on the Muslims for 5 years!!
- a Salafi Jihadi is a real Muslim, he believes in Shariah, Jihad and Khilafah
- the Saudi Salafi is a munafiq
- the kufr of a shia is blatant
- the kufr of the Saudi Salafi is more subtle, and can be more dangerous to the youth of the Ummah
[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)]

Salafis say, THE MADKHALIS DO NOT REJECT THE TAGHOOT: Salafis say about Madkhalees,“

- they are in bed with the Taghoot
- they spread propaganda against the Mujahideen
- and help the Taghoot to catch the Mujahideen
- Abdul Haqq Baker used to spy for the Taghoot in the UK
- this is being in bed with the Taghoot

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimûn (polytheists and wrong¬doers and unjust). (Al- Ma'idah 5:51)

It is ijmaa among the scholars that if you befriend the Taghoot you become a kaafir

- this is the ayah used by scholars to say, if you spy for the kuffaar you become a kaafir

To ask the question about your uncle who is translating for the kaafir army
- whether he is a kaafir or not, shows that you do not know about Islam
- whenever the kuffaar invade a Muslim country they depend on these translators
- because they know the terrain
[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars) ]

      Salafi   Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal  says Ibn Baaz Is a Taghoot like Sai Baba or Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:   Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal says under “AN ICON FOR A FALSE RELIGION”

- e.g. Luis Farakhan
- Mother Theresa: she was an icon for the Catholic church
- Sai Baba of India
- Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is also a Taghoot
- Elijah Pole was also one because he claimed to be God

The moment you become an icon for a false religion, you become a Taghoot

- if you are a Shaikh passing false fatawas you become a Taghoot


e.g Hamza Yusuf, Tariq Ramadan, Yusuf Qardawi

When you make up your own version of Islam and invite to it, it makes you a kaafir as well

- they do not practise al walaa wal baraa
- so I gave you Taghoot of the past and present


The Shaikh who passed the fatwa for the American troops to come to the Holy land is a Taghoot
- he passed a satanic fatwa

- some people made takfir on the Shaikh of Chechnya
- and called him a milk-‘shaikh’ and planted a bomb for him
- but they do not make takfir on Bin Baaz

[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)

Salafi   Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal  says Saudis “ PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH ASPECT OF THE DEEN TO FOLLOW” :

And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan¬girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (the captives and the slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice. (An- Nisa 4:3)

- they want to have 2, 3 wives, even though they can not maintain them
- they also believe in Zakah, but NO JIHAD
- these low lives scum’s of the earth come to Islam to benefit from it
- he only takes but does nothing for Islam


- in 1980 bin Baaz passed a fatwa that it is Fardul Ayn to fight them
- there was no caliph then, why did not you tell bin Baaz that there was no caliph?

Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. (Al- Baqarah 2:85)

- you want to benefit from Islam, but give nothing in return
- you live off the Deen and not by the Deen”
[ Reference: THE 5 DESPERATE ZINDEEQS: MADKHALIS by Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 (Evening Dars)

Appeal To The Muslim Brothers & Sister:  If Bidati salafis are to be valued , none will remain Muslim on the planet. All are Mushrik and Kafir! Even, According to their fatwa, as you saw, they themselves are Kafir and Mushrik. These liars say, “The Brelvis worship the prophet”[ Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal 02.14.2012 ]. May Allah crush the mouth of these liars. Indeed, this is strange time when these  enemies of Islam are attempting to destroy if from within . May Allah save Muslim Ummah  from such extreme takfeeri narrow-minded bidatis. Aamin.

                        Wa Maa Alaina Illal Balaagh.

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