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Why even Salafi Scholars drclare Zakir Naik Calamity?

By: Maulana Muhammad A. K. Azad [ Abu Arif Al Alawi ]  

                      Praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be on His most beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. Auspicious prayers be on the Holy companions  and the pure Ahle al-Bait of that exalted Prophet.

                          Televangelist Zakir Naik M.B.B.S. today is a big name among the young generation brought up in secular educational institution and milieu . Zakir Naik has achieved an almost rock-star aura to his devoted fans with his fluent English, skillful display of amazing memory, brilliant oratory and capability to jeer at and misconstrue other faiths. But what do the Scholars of Islam say about him? Do the Islamic Theologists  consider his dawah to be Islamic ? Do the Ulema e Islam deem him to be a pious person? Are his teachings, beliefs and ideology in accordance with Islam ? Dear Readers !  Not only the Scholars of Ahle Sunnat Wal Zamaat but Deobandi Scholars  and even  Zakir Naik’s own favourite Salafi Scholars are in absolute agreement that Zakir Naik MBBS is not an authority on Islam. Salafi Scholars have gone to the extent of declaring his dawah to be the dawah of Shaytan and  declared him to be the calamity upon Muslim Ummah. 

                          Scholars are of the view that His knowledge on comparative religion and his successes in the debates against Non-Muslims deserve to be appreciated but on Islamic theology he should keep mum as he has little formal education in Islamic theology and history. He might have converted a number of Non-Muslims into Islam  but this does not give him the license to depart from mainstream Islam, create his own sect and slander Ahle Sunnat Wa Zamaat as firqaparast, bidati, grave-worshipper etc.  Shaikh Shah Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddique whom legendary intellectual Georgr Bernard Shaw called “a learned sage” and whom Zakir Naik’s Guru Shaikh Ahmed Deedat called “Roving Ambassador of Islam”, the silver-tongues orator” and “great servant of Islam”, converted countless non-Muslims into Islam and spread the light of tawhid in the different parts of the west Indies and other countries. But, despite being a highly-acclaimed Islamic Theologian,   this descendant of Sayyidina Abu Bakr As-Siddique, the first caliph of Islam and who  achieved great Islamic theological and spiritual development under the guidance of humble Wali-Allah Ala Hazrat  Hafiz Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Qadiri , a revered Islamic scholar, dedicated his entire holy life to the promotion of peace, love and understanding amongst all people. Gigantic Islamic Missionary Shaikh Khaza Mainuddin Chisti ( R.A.) guided about  ninety Lakh Non-Muslims into Islam. But he did not work for fame, influence and glamour. This Wali-Allah was Committed to the preservation of the Sunna or prophetic traditions of God's final Messenger - Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the promotion of the pure teachings of Islam based on The Holy Qur'an and Sunna as taught by the enlightened scholars and saints belonging to the creed of The Ahl Sunna wal Jamaah throughout the ages.

                Devoted fans of Zakir Naik  are not ready to hear a single word against him. Only Allah Knows whether they think him to be a Prophet or more than a Prophet. On one hand brainwashed by Zakir Naik and his guru Maulana Maududi, they say, except Allah and his Prophet none is above criticism and they even refuse to listen to the praise of Great Imams, Hadith-Masters , Awliya-Allah, Sahabae Keram and Holy Ahle Bait. Even they jeer at  the Muslims who admire muchThe Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. But when it comes the turn of Zakir Naik, they forget all yardsticks and guidelines pertaining tawhid. They go from pilar to the post in picking holes in the holy personalities of Imams, AwliyaAllah, Sahabas, Ahle Bait and even of The Holy Prophet and they consider it to be pure monotheism but if somebody  tries to show them Zakir Naik’s errors and bidahs, they simply pounce on him cruelly ! One  Deobandi Alim has very justly diagnosed the malady : “Dr Zakir Naik has been doing exactly the same that the Christians and Jews are failed (sic.) to do in India, that is alienating common Muslims from madrassas and ulema [Muslim clerics]. He and his men discourage people from visiting ulema for knowledge and sending children to madrassas.’’

                  If logic of Zakir Naik and his fans are accepted that Muslims don’t have the right to criticize and correct Zakir Naik because he has converted many non-Muslims into Islam and he is the role-model of thousands of people, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Qadiani Movement would have been accepted by Muslims as Reviver of Muslim Ummah. As a debater and preacher Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was far more successful than Zakir Naik and converted many Non-Muslims. He was the apple of eye for lakhs of people and even today he is the heart-throb of millions of people who believe in la ilaha illallah. But does any Muslim with correct aqidah accept him to be Reviver of Muslim Ummah ?  Do  ZakirNaik and his devoted fans consider him the Massiah or Reviver of Muslim Ummah ? 

 Wikipedia records : “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was actively engaged in debates, prayer duels and written arguments with the Christian missionaries”.

 Francis Robinson states: “At their most extreme religious strategies for dealing with the Christian presence might involve attacking Christian revelation at its heart, as did the Punjabi Muslim, Ghulam Ahmad (d. 1908), who founded the Ahmadiyya missionary sect.”[Ref : AL ISLAM----The Official Website of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community]

 Freeland Abbott observed in his book Islam and Pakistan: “The primary significance of the Ahmadiyya Movement lay in its missionary emphasis. Every Muslim believed that Islam was the only religion free from error. The Ahmadis made it part of their principles to show the errors of other religions to their adherents and to proselytize energetically for Islam. In a sense, the Ahmadis represent the Muslims emerging, religiously speaking, from the withdrawal that had begun with the arrival of the British, just as the Muslim League represents the political emergence from that same withdrawal … Although the sect most attacked by Muslims in India and Pakistan, it has also been the one which has worked hardest, in both its branches, to defend and extend Islam against the competition offered by other faiths.” —Freeland Abbot, Islam and Pakistan.  [Ref : AL ISLAM----The Official Website of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community]

Amatul-Hadi Ahmad – England  writes : (The Review of Religions, December 1996) “ The beauty of the Promised Messiah's truth attracted people not only from the Muslims, but also from other faiths and beliefs. Hadhrat Bhai Abdur Rahman (ra), for example, joined the fold of devoted followers of the Promised Messiah (as) as a young boy of about sixteen years of age. He belonged to a well-to-do Hindu family but having read some of the writings of the Promised Messiah (as), he came to see him in Qadian in 1895 and became a Muslim. The story of his steadfastness, loyalty and deep devotion to the Promised Messiah (as) is a story most inspiring. Similarly, Hazrat Bhai Abdur Rahim (ra) adopted the faith of Islam, abandoning the Sikh beliefs with which he had grown up, and took his Oath of Allegiance at the hand of the Promised Messiah (as) in 1894, and there were many others. Even a scant knowledge of the social and communal history of India of that period would show that such conversions to Islam were acts of immense courage and strength. It was an action akin to an invitation to death! The ethnic division of Indian society between Hindu, Muslim and Sikh was so deep that the whole social domain was coloured by it. Hence, when people from a Hindu or Sikh background abandoned their beliefs and accepted Islam at the hands of the Promised Messiah (as), it unleashed a storm of reaction against them from their own families who sought to reclaim their progeny by any means, fair or foul. The attraction of the truth and goodness of the Promised Messiah (as), however, was such that once the converts took the first, courageous steps towards the Promised Messiah (as), they never looked back!  Professor Raig, a renowned English astronomer of his time, came to see the Promised Messiah (as) on 12 May 1908. He raised many questions to which the Promised Messiah (as) gave an enlightened response. The Professor parted on 18 May 1908, wishing to hold further sessions. Some of the conversations of the Professor with the Promised Messiah (as) were recorded and preserved.23 Following his meetings with Promised Messiah (as), Professor Raig accepted Islam and remained a Muslim to the end.” [Ref : AL ISLAM----The Official Website of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community]

           Do these achievements and accomplishments establish Gulam Ahmed Qadiani to be the Messiah of the Muslim Ummah ? If not, and surely not, then why Zakir Naik is adored by his fans to be a Messiah, Reviver , Reformer etc etc. ? Zakir Naik is called by his his devoted fans as “Allamatul Musleemin”. How can he be “Allamatul Musleemin”when he is not an Allama, and not even an Alim. Even on his medical field, he is only a Graduate; he has not completed his Master Degree! As per his own IRF Website, "His fields of interest are : Studies in Comparative Religion, Medicine ,Humanitarian, Social, Moral and Educational and Economic Welfare activities". But, this man of comparative religion does not hesitate to give opinions and rulings on all Islamic subjects ranging from Beliefs to Deeds and from Tafsir to Usule Hadith. He even dares to brand Muslims as Mushriks and Bidatis.  De facto, Zakir Naik is on the footprints of Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Dr. Naik's rhetoric on the subject Hinduism is a direct copy of the work titled "Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) in world scriptures" written  by Abdul Haq Vidyarthi Qadiyani (1888 - 1977), a missionary of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. Zakir Naik and Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani both lay emphasis in the belief that Islam is the final dispensation for humanity as revealed to Muhammad and the necessity of restoring to it its true essence and pristine form, which had been lost through the centuries. Both exert emphasis on reforming and purifying Islam from superstitions and heresies. Islamic Scholars have refuted both of them.

          Salafi  and Deobandi  youths will be taken aback to learn that their super-hero Zakir Naik has come under fire not only from Ahlus Sunnah Wa zamaat but also from Salafi and Deobandi Scholars as well. Salafi and Deobandi  scholars confess that Zakir Naik’s dawah is the dawah of Shaytan and he is a calamity on Muslim Ummah. Dear sweet pious readers! I implore you to be open-minded, unbiased, and dispassionate in your judgement while going throgh this book. If you are devoted fan of Dr Naik and are determined to follow him blindly whatever may be the ruling of Al-Quran, Al-hadeeth, Salafs and Classically trained Scholars thorughout the ages, you will certainly close this book and put it aside with frustration and anger. But ,if you are a seeker of truth , if your heart trembles at the apprehension of unimaginable punishment in the HereAfter and if you have the spirit to delve deep into issues, you will definitely endeavour to find out why the scholars of all schools of thoughts, even his own Salafi-Ahle Hadeeth Ulemas are coming down heavily on him and are branding him as calamity upon Muslim Ummah bringing about spiritual agony and catch-22 situation.

          My Dear Wise Readers! today the path of our beloved ulemas and AwliyaAllahs are being renounced and the freemasons, who criticise those piousUlemas and AwliyaAllah, are being obeyed. This is the clear sign of Fitna. Remember the warning of our Master The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam : " Before the Hour comes, there will be years of deceit, in which the trustworthy one will be said to be a traitor, and the traitor will be trusted and the insignificant will have a say." (Ibne Maza, Ahmend Ibn Hanbal's Musnad).  Amirul Muminin Fil Hadith Sayidina Imam Bukhari (R.A.) presents another warning of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam : "Allahutala, to take knowledge away from you, will take away the Ulema who live up to their knowledge. The ignorant will remain. By answering religious questionsout of their own reason, they will cause Muslims to deviate from the right path."( Sahih Bukhari)

                               My intention behind writing this Book is not to hurt the feelings of Dr. Zakir Naik, his admirers and associates. If anybody thinks that the information in this book hurts his feelings, I regret it  deeply  because this is not my  intention.     O' our Lord! Help us against those who stand against faith. Have mercy on us, grant us forgiveness and guide us along Siratwal Mustaqim.


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