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Indian Ahle Hadeethes' Fatwa, Pakistani Ahle Hadeethes Are Kharizis

                                         Author: Abu Arif Al alawi

                     In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. All Praise is due to Allah The Most High. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa sallam, his family and  his companions. 

             Salafism, the Firqa of hatred and violence  is the major obstacle to the unity of Muslims today. This British-Coined Kharizi Movement is destroying  the unity of Muslim Ummah by hurling  fatwas of Kafir and Mushrik at the Muslims and by adhering to the evil path of terrorism. They not only declare the Muslims belonging to Ahle Sunnat Wa zamaat Kafirs, Mushriks or Bidatis, even they  have divided themselves into countless sub-sects and each group is calling others Kafir. Of late, Indian Salafis-Ahle Hadeethes  have declared Pakistani Salafis-Ahle Hadeethes to be Kharizis. This fatwa by Indian Salafis prove that in reality  all Salafis are Kharizis because  India, Pakistan or Afghanistan is not criterion. The criterion is ideology. If Pakistani salafis are  Kharizis, then definitely Salafis of India  and  all other countries also are Kharizis because all believe is same extreme aqidah of Bidatis like Mr. Nazdi, Nasiruddin Albani, Ibn Baz etc. Now let us have a look on the fatwa of Indian salafis against Pakistani salafis.

                            "Daily News and Analysis" reports on Thursday, Mar 1, 2012: Islamic scholars of Ahle Hadees faith here on Wednesday accused their Pakistani counterpart representing the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and its parent body Markaz Dawa-al-Irshad of being part of a global conspiracy to malign Islam.The Markazi Jamiat Ahle-e-Hadees, which is hosting the Imam of Holy shrine of Islam in Makkah, Dr Saud Bin Ibrahim Al Shoraim, here on March 2-3, said their faith even does not recognise street protests, and strongly denounces hijacking, bombing, or suicide missions."

"Daily News and Analysis"( Thursday, Mar 1, 2012) continues:  "The main feature of two conferences of Markazi Jamiat Ahle-e-Hadees would be the presence of Imam-e-Kaaba Dr Alsharami. The Saudi Islamic scholar is also travelling to world famous Islamic seminary Deoband on Saturday. The organisers are expecting Shankaracharia Swami Adokshanand and some Buddhist leaders also to join the Imam of Kaaba at the Ramlila grounds on Friday."

"Daily News and Analysis"( Thursday, Mar 1, 2012) continues: "Often labeled as ‘Wahabis’ and accused of promoting radical brand of Islam, secretary general of the host organisation Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahdi Salfi said suicide bombing and terrorism has done a great harm to Islam. “Even logically if a Palestinian bomber kills four or five Israeli Jews, the cost of retaliation is too heavy. Israelis in retaliation kills many more or arrest hundreds of Palestinians. There is no incentive. Even against oppression, there is need to continue peaceful struggle and create international awareness,” said the Maulana."

"Daily News and Analysis"( Thursday, Mar 1, 2012) continues:    “We believe Hafiz Mohamamd Sayeed, the chief of LeT, is a Khawarij (seceder or the rebel) and needs to be punished under the book,” he said. The Ahle Hadees sect often comes under attack in India for sharing ideology with the LeT or Dawa al Irshad headed by Hafiz Mohammad Sayeed. Clarifying his stance, Maulana Salfi said both Hafiz Sayeed and Taliban were part of an international conspiracy. He called these groups marauders and said their struggle was nowhere near ‘jihad’. He pointed out how America promoted these very groups when they were aligning with it to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan." 

                  Regarding firqaparasti of Salafis, Correct Islamic Faith International Association  writes :      The title SALAFI  is applied to those who worship a Planetary human-like-Idol ( المعبود الكواكب مثل الإنسان ) and call it Allah (Astaghfiruallah). There are hundreds of Salafi Groups in the world. Followers of all these Groups claim that they are Muslims.  However, we fail to understand their claim because every Salafi Group calls itself as 'victorious group' (at-Ta'ifat-ul-Mansurah) and 'the saved group' (al-Firqat-un-Najiyah) and accuses the other Salafi Group as apostate (Kafir).  It is a very strange situation with these Groups.”

    Correct Islamic Faith International Association  further  writes: There are hundreds of Salafi (neo Khariji) Groups.  Information on these groups is available on Internet, Print Media and other published resources. Prominent among them are as follows

 (1)   Makhamahs,
 (2)   Najdaatis,
 (3)   Thu'aalabahs,
 (4)   Ajaaridahs, 
 (5)   Zariqahs,  
 (6)   Abaadhiyyas 
 (7)   Safriyyas 
 (8)   Ash-Sharaahs 
 (9)   Khamariyyas,
(10)  Huooriyyas 
(11)  Shyaybiyyas   
(12)  Ibaathiyyas,
(13)  Shamraakhiyyas,
(14)  Salaydiyyahs,
(15)  Sirriyyahs, 
(16)  Azriyyahs, 
(17)  Ajradiyyahs, 
(18)  Shakkiyyas, 
(19)  Fadhaliyyahs,  
(20)  Bayhasiyyahs,   
(21)  Atwiyyahs, 
(22)  Fadeekiyyahs,  
(23)  Jadiyyahs,


(24)   Ibadi Salafis,
(25)   Nafusa Salafis,
(26)   Hinawis Salafis,
(27)   Ghaffiri Salafis,
(28)   Mzabi  Salafis,
(29)   Jerba  Salafis,
(30)   Modernist or Neo Salafis 
(31)   Madkhali, or Super Salafis,
(32)   Conventional or Najdi or Wahhabi  Salafis,
(33)   Jihadi Salafis,
(34)   Qutubi Salafis,
(35)   Laskar Jihad Salafis (followers of Ja'far Umar Talib),
(36)   Al-Bani  Salafis,
(37)   Academic Salafis,
(38)   GSPC Algerian Salafis,
(39)   Murji Salafis,
(40)   Talafi Salafis,
(41)   Ma'ribi Salafis,
(42)   Hizbi Salafis,
(43)   Khariji Salafis,
(44)   Takfiri Salafis,
(45)   Nasibi Salafis,
(46)   Ghloovi  Salafis,
(47)   Qawmi Salafis,
(48)   Taqleedi Salafis,
(49)   Asabi Salafis,
(50)   Nation of Islam Salafis, 
(51)   Ahle Hadith Salafis,
(52)   Deo Bandi Salafis,
(53)   Nadwatul Ulema Salafis,
(54)   Ilyasi Salafis or Tabhlighee Salafis,
(55)   Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Salafis,
(56)   Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind Salafis,
(57)   Millat-e-Islamia Salafis,
(58)   Israri Salafis or Tanzeem-e-Islami Salafis,
(59)   Islahi Salafis, (followers of Amin Islahi 1904-97)
(60)   Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen Salafis,
(61)   Jamaah Islamiya Salafis,
(62)   Darul Islam Salafis
(63)   Jam'iya al-Salafiya al-Mujahida Salafis
(64)   Islamic Salvation Front Salafis
(65)   Maududi Salafis or Jamat-e-Islami Salafis,
(66)   Ansar As-Sunnah Salafis,
(67)   Tehrik-e-Taaliban Salafis,
(68)   Zaakiri Salafis or IRF Salafis (followers of Zakir Naik),
(69)   Jama't-ud-Dawa Salafis,
(70)   Lashkar-e-Taiba Salafis,
(71)   Nabhani Salafis or Hizb ut-Tahreer Salafis,
(72)   Jamiyya Salafis,
(73)   Invitation to Paradise Salafis
(74)   Hussami Salafis (Followers of Aqil Hussami),
(75)   Ta'meer-e-Millat Salafis,
(76)   Tafweedi Salafis, 
(77)   Sahwi Salafis, etc.
(78)   Islamist Salafis,
(79)   Tauseefi Salafis (followers of Tauseefur Rahman) 
(80)   Pathless Salafis (Non Arabs living in Saudi Arabia)
(81)   Athari Salafis,  
(82)   Jamat-ul-Muslimeen Salafis,   
(83)   Guraba-e-Ahle-Hadith Salafis, 
(84)   Thanaiyah Salafis,  
(85)   Al-Maqdisi Salafis, 
(86)   At-Tawheed wal Jihad Salafis, 
(87)   Al-Wala' wal Bara Salafis,
(88)   Mean Green Salafis,    
(89)   Almost Salafis, 
(90)   Yemeni Salafis, 
(91)   Kung Fu Salafis, 
(92)   Bidda Salafis,  
(93)   Red Beard Salafis, 
(94)   Blood Salafis, 
(95)   Maxican Salafis,  
(96)   Jordanian Salafis,   
(97)   Canadian True blue Salafis,   
(98)   Sipah-e-Sahabah Salafis, 
(99)   Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Salafis,  
(100) Harakat-e-Inqilab-e-Islami Salafis,
(101) Harakat-ul-Ansar Salafis, 
(102) Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Salafis,
(103) Counterfeit Salafis,
(104) Al-Shabab Salafis,
(105) Jund Ansar Allah Salafis, 
(106) Jaysh Al-Islam Salafis,  
(107) Jaysh Al-Umma Salafis, 
(108) Nour Salafis,  
(109) Freedom and Justice Salafis,  
(110) Deobandi Army of Islam Salafis, 
(111) International Islamic Front Salafis,   
(112) Freedom and Justice Salafis, 
(113) Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)  Salafis, 
(114) Jamiat-ul-Hekma Salafis,
(115) Al-Ehsan Salafis,
(116) Al-Sururi Salafis, (followers of Al-Sururi)
(117) Islamic Heritage Restoration Salafis,
(118) Islah Salafis,
(119) Al-Ahdi Salafis (followers of  Faysl Al-Ahdi) 
(120) Muqbil Salafis, (followers of Muqbil Al-Wadi) 
(121) Independent Yemeni Salafis, 
(122) Kuwaiti Islamists Salafis,
(123) Purists Indonesian Salafis,
(124) Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), Salafis,
(125) Darul Islam Salafis,  
(126) Jemaah Islamia  Salafis,
(127) Strict Indonesian Salafis,
(128) Wahda Islamiyya Salafis,
(129) Mohammadiyah Salafis,
(130) Persatuan Islam (Persis) Salafis,
(131) Al-Irsyad Salafis,
(132) Dewan Dakwah Islam Indonesia (DDII) Salafis,
(133) Mutamar al-Alam al-Islami Salafis,
(134) Rabithah al-Alam al-Islami Salafis,
(135) LIPIA Salafis,
(136) Pesantren Salafis,
(137) Nida Salafis (followers of Abu Nida)
(138) FKASWJ (Forum Komunikasi ASWJ) Salafis
(139) Al-Sofwa Salafis,
(140) At-Turots Salafis,
(141) IREF Indian Salafis,
(142) Kumpula Muhahidin Malaysia (KMM) Salafis,
(143) Parti Se-Islam Malaysia (PAS) Salafis,
(144) Brotherhood of Inner Power (Al-Maunah) Salafis,
(145) Darul Islam Nusantara Salafis, 
(146) ABIM Malaysian Salafis,
(147) Al-Arqam Salafis,
(148) Reformasi Salafis,
(149) Islamic Algerian Salafis,
(150) Sayyafi Salafis (followers of Abu Sayyaf),
(151) Moro Islamic Liberation Front Salafis,
(152) Australian Salafis,
(153) Al-Muhajiroun Salafis,
(154) UK Saved Sect Salalfis
(155) UK Al-Ghuraba Salafis,
(156) Takfiri Algerian Salafis,
(157) Jam'iyyah Ihyaa Turaath Al-Islami Salafis,
(158) Jam'iyyah Ihyaa Minhaj as-Sunnah Salafis,
(159) Salafi Publications (OASIS) Salafis,
(160)  Tajik Salafis,
(161) Al-Ansar Tabhlighee Salafis,
(162)  Jamiatul Ansar Salafis, 
(163)  Harakatul Mujahideen Salafis, 
(164)  Harakatul Jihad al-Islami (Huji) Salafis, etc.

Some of the above groups like Ibadis, Deobandis, Tabhlighees, Maududis, Islahis  etc.,  try to maintain their independent identity, even though their beliefs are heavily influenced by Wahhabi/Salafi teachings.”

                                                                                               [  Courtsey : Let us correct our Islamic Faith]

        Zakir Naik confesses countless sub-sects of Salafis 

                                Dr. Zakir Naik who is hailed by some firqaparasts  as                “ Allamatul Muslimeen” has , in lieu of promoting  intra -sectarian unity among the Muslim Ummah, himself founded a new  sub-firqa “ Ahle Sahih Hadeeth”. Dr. Naik and his Salafi mentors  accuse Ahle Sunnat Wa Zamaat of being firqaparast for following four different Fiqh School of Thoughts namely Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki and Hanbali although these four are only Fiqh School of Thoughts and not firqas. The astonishing fact is that Kharizis who call ahle Sunnat Wa Zamaat firqaparast , themselves are divided into countless sub-firqas and each one is calling others Kafir. Zakir Naik is well aware of this  amazing firwaparasti phenomenon of his sect but instead of removing  this firqaparast phenomenon, this so-called champion of Muslim unity, himself has set up his own firqa “ Ahle Sahih Hadeeth.” Before exposing Zakir naik’s new sect “ Ahle Sahih Hadeeth”. Let us go through the startling confession of Zakir Naik about countless sub-sects of Salafism and their imposing fatwa of Kufr against each other. Dr Naik says:

         “ I love him (Albani). I revere him but no taqleed. Taqleed belongs to Allah and His Rasul. This ( Albani's explanation of Salafi) is logic. This is Qiyas. I say,prove to me from Quran and Sunnah , not from logic.......Don't debate with me. Prove to me from Quran and Sunnah. Immediately Dr Zakir Naik will accept..... in debating Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me......... My question is which Salafi? Which Salafi? Are you Qutubi? Are you Sururi? Are you Madkhali? I can name another Salafis.......If you go to U.K., MashaAllah, SubhanAllah, Allahu Akbar. There are so many groups in U.K. each group fighting against the other calling the other Salafiya KAFIR........In Mumbai where I come from, there are two Ahle Hadeeth-------Zamiate Ahle Hadeeth and Gurba Ahle Hadeeth. To which Ahle Hadeeth should I belong to?.......I went to Kashmir. There are many groups in Ahle Hadeeth. I went to Kerala. Muzahidin.Muzahidin. K.N.M. Kerala Nadwatul Muzahidin. There people don't call themselves Ahle Hadeeth. Muzahidin. If you go to Saudi Arabia, and say I am Ahle Hadeeth.... very few people of the Saudiwho is Ahle Hadeeth for them , they know Salafi, in some country Ansaris......"         

                   [Ref : .Dr Zakir Naik Talks About Salafi`s Ahl-e-hadith. By Milkshaykh 01. SAHADAH PROJECT]

                 Oh Allah! save Muslim Ummah from Kharizi fitna and grant us peace, unity and progress.


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