Saturday, 17 November 2012

Salam To The Beloved Prophet [ English - Ya Nabi Salam alaika ]

                             Composed By :  Maulana Muhammad A. K. Azad [ Abu Arif Al Alawi ]  


O prophet ! Salam Upon You
O Dear! Salam Upon You
O Master ! Salam Upon You
 Salat and  Salam Upon You.

Moon and Sun Grace The Sky
Yet Hearts Aren’t Illumined
That's Why, Thou Honoured This Satellite
To Awaken Bilious humankind.

Thou Art Noor-e-Elahi
Matchless Perfect Preacher
Had Thou Not Honoured This Planet
Darkness Would Reign For ever.

Neither Me Prophet For Universe
Nor Too angel Of Creator
Have Been Sent Only A follower
All Praise Due To My Creator.

Enlightened By Thy Presence
Renaissance Removed darkness
Universe Paid Thou Homage
Flowers danced  With  Fragrance.

Greats And Icons All Around
Yet All Longed Thy Advent
Prophets All augured Thy Entrance
Sans Thou Wanting Is Cosmos.

Ya Nabi! Salam Alaika
Ya Rasool ! Salam Alaika
Ya Habeeb ! Salam Alaika
Salawal Tulla Alaika.

[ Dear Reader ! Please remember me in your dua]

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